Media Prima Audio (MPA) continued to position itself as one of the most influential radio networks in the country, as recorded in the first GfK Radio Audience Measurement for 2022. MPA kicked off the year with a full lineup of fresh content, new talents, creative campaigns, and activation resulting in promising audience numbers. 

Hot FM retains its position as one of the biggest radio stations in the country, reaching 3,513,000 listeners weekly. Hot FM is the leading station with the highest number of followers on Twitter with 1.8 million followers and TikTok with 1 million followers. Hot FM has also executed a few campaigns since the start of the year such as Hot JL, Hot FM Rakyat Rangers Pegang Apa Tu?, #RewangRakyatRangers, and Hot FM Peralihan ke Endemik Showcase. These campaigns allowed listeners to win cash prizes and engage with well-known announcers, namely Fara Fauzana, AG, and Fad that lead the Hot FM breakfast show, Rakyat Rangers.

Buletin FM has reached a total of 263,000 weekly listeners, an increase of 31,000 weekly listeners in comparison to survey 2, 2021. In addition, Buletin FM strengthened its position as a credible radio station for PMEBs with a listenership increase of 40%. Buletin FM has also presented a few campaigns such as Usahawan Buletin FM to help promote small local businesses and Masterclass Buletin, which invites guests to come on the show to share educational business information with the listeners. 

MPA brand new radio station, Molek FM caters to a larger demographic of listeners in the East Coast states of Kelantan and Terengganu. The station has amassed a total of 246,000 listeners weekly. Despite being newly launched, Molek FM has recorded 7 hours 46 minutes weekly for its Time Spent Listening (TSL). Molek FM has also ran a few campaigns like Cek Mek Molek Tati, a campaign to discover a new radio announcer for Molek FM. Duit Geng Molek offered listeners a chance to win cash prizes. Kamilia and DJ Nazz joined the Molek FM crew on 24th March and 11th April respectively. 

Fly FM recorded 1,033,000 weekly listeners. There is also an increase in listenership for the Breakfast Show by 70% and Drive Show by 32% for the age group of 30 – 34. Fly FM has doubled up its exclusive listeners to 96,000 listeners weekly. Fly FM also ran campaigns such as Fly FM Boomerang Tracks, which allowed listeners to win cash prizes by guessing the title and the artist of the boomerang tracks. For Fly Five Beats, listeners had to identify the name of the artists and the title of all five beats to win cash prizes. 

MPA’s Chinese radio station, 8FM has now recorded 447,000 listeners weekly, with an increase of listeners for the age group of 10-14 and 20-29. There is also an increase of 54% of listeners with a household income of RM8,000 and above. Campaigns presented by 8FM include SPM Saya Pun Mampu, 过好生活之你好夏天 (8FM Hello Summer) and 过好生活之跟我揾食 (8FM Food Award) led by 8FM breakfast announcers, Royce and Angeline. These campaigns allow listeners to call in and stand a chance to win cash prizes.

The Radio Audience Measurement study was done over six weeks and with a combined methodological approach with a sample size of 6,639 people.