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* As of 31 December 2020

Welcome to Media Prima Audio

Media Prima Audio aims to be Malaysia’s No 1 Audio Broadcaster across all three vernaculars (BM, English and Chinese) by creating the best content that will resonate with Malaysians. The company is guided by regular research and analysis of our markets and target groups, which allows us to understand our listeners, and advertisers and know exactly how to engage, inform and entertain. As such, Media Prima Audio is represented through four broadcast brands – Hot FM, Buletin FM, Fly FM & 8FM. Audio+ is also part of the organization as part of its digital listens initiative where the super app supports all four radio stations as well as podcasts and other engaging content.

Team Media Prima Audio

Meet our incredible captains that lead the ship with full of dedication, love and fun.

Muhammad Nazri bin Noran

Audio is the new radio. Listen with our eyes, and watch with your ears. We touch your emotions, feel your pain, celebrate your wins, and support your struggles. We are always there for you 24-7, rain or shine, pandemic to endemic. Welcome to the new world of Media Prima Audio.

Aaron Giles Pinto

At Media Prima Audio we pride ourselves on coming up with brand new exciting ideas. We don’t copy what others are doing! All our brands bring entertainment media solutions across radio and digital platforms.

Datuk Yaacob Bahatiar bin Abdullah

It’s not how much you know but rather what you do with the little you know. Quality over quantity. Live, savour and don’t be such a theorist.

Anida Mohd Tahrim​

Be what you are, don’t be what you ain’t. If you be what you ain’t, you ain’t what you are… but pls be who you are in a nice way. And long live to steamboat and volleyball.

Alex Poon​​

We always explore new digital and tech innovations to build effective campaigns for partners and listeners.

Faizah Ahmad Kamari​

Finance & Administration are 2 different things, yet much related to each other. Formally received education in accounting and managing the financial operations has trained me to be more practical, detail-oriented and analytical. On the other side, administration taught me on problem solving, effective communication, flexibility and negotiation skills. In Media Prima Audio, I learned much about teamwork, always humble and superserve! Upgrade yourself coz knowledge is power.

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