Established since 2005, our brands have evolved and embraced the changes of the industry.

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Hot FM

Hot FM is now the hub of entertainment and information through engaging content, humorous storytelling and the hottest music. With Kini Lebih Muzik Yang Hangat as the tagline, Hot FM aims to engage with their core audience of 24 to 35 years old with playlists and content that seizes their attention and interests. Putting itself out there as fun, topical, real, current and energetic as its brand DNA, Hot FM strives to be the best in the field.

Buletin FM

Buletin FM brings you the latest news and analysis to provide better transparency in information sharing, as well as to share positive stories and the best familiar music throughout the day as per the tagline, Info Terkini & Muzik Sepanjang Zaman. Targeting the 30 to 39 years old for their target audience, Buletin FM’s brand essence is reflective of its audience by being current, credible, relevant, real and positive.

Fly FM

The All New Fly FM, Now With Douglas Lim and Ili In The Morning and the Music YOU Want All Day aims to entertain and inform Malaysians through hilarious comedy, world-class storytelling, compelling content and familiar music throughout the day. Targeting 25 to 34 years old as its core audience, Fly FM’s objective is to be comedic, familiar, on the ball, topical, relatable and real.


8FM 听好音乐,过好生活 (Love Music, Cherish Life) objective is to entertain and inform Malaysian Chinese through world-class storytelling, positive, compelling content and familiar music throughout the day. With a core audience ranging from 30 to 35 years old, it strives to be relevant, hyper local, topical, informative and positive.


The Audio+ app will be the home for all radio, digital and social content such as live radio, podcasts, videos and many more. With the app, all four broadcast stations will be in one super app and apart from that, podcasts as well as other appealing content will be included in the app. Audio+ can be downloaded through Google Play, App Store and Huawei AppGallery.

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