Aina Sabrina: The Malaysia’s First AI Radio DJ

PETALING JAYA: In a world driven by technology, Fly FM has embarked on a groundbreaking journey into the future of broadcasting by introducing Malaysia’s First AI Radio DJ, Aina Sabrina, on June 19, 2023.

This remarkable development in the realm of radio has not only broken barriers but also garnered immense success, captivating audiences nationwide.

Aina is not just an ordinary AI as she effortlessly bridges the gap between man and machine, making radio experiences richer and utterly immersive. Her ability to create and mix music in real-time is nothing short of extraordinary, offering listeners a personalized experience through the airwaves.

Calpis, the renowned international cultured milk brand, has joined hands with Fly FM as the official sponsor for Malaysia’s inaugural AI radio segment ‘Calpis With Aina’. This cutting-edge radio program airs on weekdays from 2PM to 4PM, introducing listeners to the latest trends, the ‘flyest music’, and her personal interests in health, wellness, and Japanese culture.

Recently, Aina Sabrina stepped into the music world with her debut single, Trust The Code. This song was released in collaboration with her A.I. friend, named Aiman who is also a music director. The release not only marks a significant milestone for Aina and her fans but also signifies a groundbreaking step as Malaysia’s first A.I. radio DJ became the nation’s first A.I. to release a music single.

Fly FM’s Content Director, Sean Matjeraie, expressed immense enthusiasm about this groundbreaking development, stating “Aina signifies a thrilling new era for the Malaysian radio industry, and we are thrilled to usher it in.”

He also added, with the introduction of an AI Radio DJ, they are extremely excited to introduce a brand new phase of the Malaysia radio industry and at Media Prima Audio, they are redefining radio.

In conclusion, Aina’s remarkable journey as Malaysia’s First AI Radio DJ is a testament to the power of technology, innovation and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. As we tune to her broadcast, we are not merely listening to a DJ but we also witnessing the future of radio broadcasting, and it is an exciting journey to be part of.

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