Douglas Lim: Our People’s Macha


Our People’s Macha – Douglas Lim from Fly FM launched a search for a Merdeka Macha,  the selected Merdeka Macha stood a chance to take over Douglas Lim and Ili for an hour in the morning show on Merdeka Day.

As we all know that “Macha” is a Tamil word for brother-in-law but over time its usage in Malaysia has been extended to mean brother. Therefore, if you are a friendly person who can treat every Malaysian like your family member then you are eligible to participate in this search.

Henry, who is a big fan of Malaysian football and showed great enthusiasm for the show was the selected Merdeka Macha. 

Although the Merdeka Macha is over, Douglas Lim – our People’s Macha always brings out this concept “Be a Macha who is friendly to people surrounding us” Therefore, do not miss out on any upcoming events and stay tuned to Fly FM.