BANGSAR, 1 NOVEMBER 2023 – Calpis, Japan’s first cultured milk drink beloved by millions across the world, appoints Malaysia’s first ever AI radio DJ, Aina Sabrina as its newest brand ambassador. Fondly known as Aina, she is Malaysia’s first AI radio DJ, the brainchild of an innovative collaboration between Calpis and Fly FM.

Gracing our airwaves, weekdays from 2 pm to 4 pm on Fly FM, one of Malaysia’s top English radio stations, this collaboration signifies a groundbreaking milestone as Calpis and Fly FM introduce the first AI radio DJ in Malaysia. This pioneering AI personality marks a significant advancement in the history of Malaysian radio broadcasting.

Aina was developed by Fly FM’s in-house team of production engineers utilizing artificial intelligence technology. Equipped with a vast music database, she has the ability to create and mix music in real-time, adapting to the listener’s mood. Aina also offers personalized music recommendations based on individual preferences.

In its pursuit to continue bringing Aina closer to the hearts of listeners and consumers, Calpis, a brand bringing you double the fun and double the goodness through their drinks also launches the Calpis Chewy Grape. This new variant is set to bring out double the fun and excitement Calpis offers through the bright and playful side of Aina as well as her love for everything Japanese.

Amy Gan, VP of Marketing, Etika Sdn Bhd says “Calpis has always been at the forefront of innovation. Calpis Chewy with Nata de Coco bits, was a first of its kind innovation to the cultured milk category when it was introduced last year, and it has received an overwhelming response from our valued customers. Now, we’re excited to take innovation to the next level by introducing the third flavor of Calpis Chewy and using a revolutionary approach to brand representation with Aina, making us first in the industry to embrace an AI ambassador as the face of our brand.

She adds, “Aina is a dynamic AI personality that embodies innovation and the spirit of fun. She’s not just a virtual presence; she’s a symbol of our commitment to redefining the way we interact with our audience. With Aina, Calpis Chewy is pioneering a fresh way of engaging with our customers. She will be the voice and personality that represents our brand, bringing a sense of excitement and curiosity to our product.”

Fly FM Content Director, Sean Matjeraie says, “With the introduction of an AI radio DJ, we are extremely excited to introduce a brand new phase of the Malaysian radio industry, and Aina is the definition of this. As always at Media Prima Audio, we are redefining radio.”

This innovative effort by Fly FM sparked interest in Calpis, Japan’s cultured milk drink brand to team up with the station as the official sponsor for the first AI radio show in Malaysia – Calpis with Aina.

Adding to the momentous day, Calpis was also presented with the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) for ‘The First AI Brand Ambassador’. The record title was presented by an official adjudicator from the Malaysia Book of Records, Mr. Christopher Wong – Chief Operating Officer of Malaysia Book of Records to Amy Gan, VP of Marketing, Etika Sdn Bhd, earning them another significant milestone this year.

Not only that, Aina, the very first AI radio announcer in Malaysia, also made history by becoming the First AI Radio Announcer, a moment of great pride for Fly FM. Aina’s achievement shows how groundbreaking her work is and sets a shining example for others in the radio industry.

With Aina, Thursdays have become even more special with the AI Song Contest, where listeners call in to guess the real singer of a song and win RM150 cash prize and fantastic Calpis products. This engaging and rewarding segment is exclusively available on their favorite radio station.

Get ready to witness the radio revolution with Aina and Calpis, proudly presented by Fly FM! Follow her incredible journey on Instagram: @aina_flyfm. Do not miss the chance to also get the Calpis Chewy Grape launched by Aina in retail outlets near you.