Media Prima Audio solidifies its position as an influential radio station in Malaysia

Media Prima Audio (MPA) is pleased to announce its latest listenership results from the Nielsen and Consumer & Media View (CMV) survey for January to December 2023. This survey evaluates Last Week Listening among individuals aged 15 and above across Peninsular Malaysia, showcasing Media Prima Audio’s consistent performance and adaptability to listener preferences.

The results indicate a solid increase in our audience, with MPA’s radio stations now reaching a total weekly listenership of 5.6 million, an increase of over 100,000 listeners compared to last year. Hot FM remains the leading station for the three consecutive time, with nearly 4 million weekly listeners, thanks in part to successful campaigns such as the friendly match with Johor Darul Ta’zim Football Club featuring KJ, the HOT FM announcers together with celebrities, and also the PIKNIK Bekpes Hot tour with Gardenia.

Fly FM retains its position as the second most popular English-language station in Malaysia, with 2.15 million weekly listeners. Innovations such as introducing Aina, Malaysia’s first AI radio host, alongside engaging events like the Sirap Bandung Cincau activation at the Black Pink concert, and the Fly Nite Club tour, have contributed to its continued popularity.

Kool 101, our other Malay-language station, has experienced remarkable growth. Since its rebranding, it has attracted 234,000 listeners in just six months by capitalizing on current and trending social stories. Kool 101’s signature heartwarming storytelling has resonated strongly with Malaysians, solidifying the station’s mission to spread positivity throughout the country.

Eight FM, the Chinese-language station under MPA, continues to attract 506,000 weekly listeners. It maintains its commitment to delivering its unique style of self-improvement content. The station’s consistent listener base is a testament to the positive influence it has on the lives of those who tune in.

Nazri Noran, CEO of Media Prima Audio, comments, “We are dedicated to excellence in creating content for multiple platforms. As we embrace the digital era, our focus is on crafting exceptionally engaging content that resonates with fans across all our brands, reaching them wherever they engage with us.”