KL PodFest 2024 Set To Illuminate Ideas!

Keluar Sekejap podcast channel and our partners are delighted to announce that we are organising the first ever podcast festival, KL PodFest 2024, from 3 February to 4 February next year at the Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre (PJ PAC), Selangor.

The festival will feature a lineup of top podcasters from Malaysia and Singapore and as to date, almost 20 podcasters have confirmed their participation in this inaugural fete of over 20 sessions of live recording sessions, workshops and other engaging activities for fans, listeners and aspiring podcasters across one weekend.

KL PodFest 2024 serves as a vibrant platform for creators to showcase their unique perspectives, stories, and talents.

This groundbreaking festival aims to foster creativity, cross-cultural dialogue and economic opportunities, attracting both local and international participants, thereby contributing to the cultural enrichment and global visibility of Malaysia and its neighbouring regions.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between podcasters and their audiences, welcoming newcomers into the realm of idea-sharing and podcasting. With a wide range of genres, from current affairs to lifestyle and sports, KL PodFest 2024 promises an inclusive experience for all.

Khairy Jamaluddin, the curator-in-chief and podcaster of Keluar Sekejap, emphasised at today’s press conference, “podcasting has evolved into a dynamic marketplace of ideas, solidifying its position within the broadcasting industry.

Partnering with Media Prima will extend our reach, ensuring wider awareness, even among those unfamiliar with this medium.” Nazri Noran, CEO of Media Prima Audio said, “our journey with podcasts, prominently featured on our Audio+ app and official website, spans a diverse array of languages and topics, reflecting our commitment to this burgeoning medium.

KL PodFest 2024 is not just an event, it’s a milestone in our journey.”

Stay tuned for updates on our social media channels, as the full lineup and schedule will be unveiled on January 15, 2024. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of creativity, collaboration, and celebration at KL PodFest 2024!