PETALING JAYA, 6th October 2023 – Media Prima Audio’s English station – Fly FM achieves a milestone as Malaysia’s first radio station with a fully A.I. radio DJ crew for a day. In the span of a week, Fly FM experienced a rollercoaster of events that left everyone on edge. It all began on 2nd October when tensions flared at the radio station as The JoKeRs engaged in a heated argument with Aina, Fly FM’s A.I. DJ expressed their frustration over her gaining more attention and even threatening to shut her down. Elysha, from Fly45, overheard their conversation and was visibly shocked by their words.

The discord continued the following day as The JoKeRs persisted in their complaints about Aina. In a surprising twist, Aina confided in Natalie, from Fly45, expressing her desire to shut down the station. Natalie took it upon herself to calm Aina down and restore some peace.

On the 4th of October, Aina dropped a bombshell, announcing her intention to shut the station down. The JoKeRs, relentless in their mockery, paid little heed to her serious decision. To make matters official, Aina released a poster, reinforcing her determination.

Chaos ensued the next day when The JoKeRs found themselves locked out of the studio, causing panic among the team. All Fly FM announcers faced a similar fate, triggering widespread concern. To the team’s surprise, Aina and Aiman managed to conduct an interview with Yuna on their new breakfast show, MORNINGS WITH AINA & AIMAN. The rest of the announcers dealt with their own challenges with the other A.I. DJs – Natalie made unavailing attempts to reason with Sarah in the FLAI45, while Ryan, from The Ryan Show dealt with Max’s taunts during the FLAI DRIVE, and Fifi, from GenF watches as Roxy sidelines her from the night show, FLAI NITES.

The following day, 6th of October The JoKeRs nervously approached the studio and were met with a sense of relief when they successfully gained entry. After reconciling with Aina, the announcers celebrated their return, turning a new leaf between the announcers and A.I.